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​BERKİN ŞAHİN Consultancy, including digital transformation, process design, project management, brand and brand communication management, customer satisfaction tracking and analysis, call center installation and operation services, and IT organizations and techno-asset portfolios of its customers. It is always by your side with comprehensive solution partnerships that help you better manage a critical and sensitive business area.


Management Consultancy

Production, efficiency and globalization are the three main elements in companies.

Management consultancy ensures timely analysis of the performance and business processes of the institution/company served, develops solution proposals in the company organization thanks to non-management employees with consultancy skills and qualifications and supports the implementation of applications at the right times, develops strategies in line with the vision and mission of the institution/company, and national and to lead, mediate and support the design and transformation of the necessary institutional, managerial and technological processes of an international nature.  


Management consultants are responsible for tasks such as maximizing growth, providing objective advice and adding value in the institutions/workplaces they serve. Aiming to solve problems by using business skills and revealing their expertise in the necessary fields, and working to move the institution/workplace further than its current position; They are the largest support service providers in product development, understanding target customer segments and increasing efficiency.


If you are one of those who are planning what needs to be done in order to get out of the status quo of your institution/company and go further in the national and international arena in terms of both managerial, process, technological/digital and human resources and performance, who want to determine new strategies within the framework of your mission and vision and who want to take all these steps. If you are looking for a team that will understand you in your plans, look forward with you, take responsibility as a stakeholder and act with common sense and collective consciousness to support you on your path, we are here for you.

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Digital Transformation Consultancy

For an institution/company, digital transformation is not only a process in which technological investments are made, but also a transformation process that includes the adaptation of new ways of doing business.


Digital Transformation Consultancy is a guidance/support service created to ensure the adaptation of institutions/businesses to new technology and new business models. The main purpose of the consultancy service is to identify digital transformation opportunities by analyzing the current situation of an institution/business and to manage business-specific digital transformation projects by creating strategic plans. In this process, digital technologies and solutions that suit the needs and goals of the business are recommended. For example; Topics such as the use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, IoT (internet of things), automation of business processes, improvement of customer experience, data management and analysis can be discussed.


Determining, designing and adapting the relevant processes along with the transfer of "know how" in investing in the right tools, technology, human resources and business partners, foreseeing innovations, technological developments and adaptation to the sector in which service is provided nationally and internationally. We are here to carry out the application and result and effect tests for you.

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Business Development and Sales Management

Business development is essentially any activity or idea that aims to make a business better over time. This means leveraging customers, establishing strategic partnerships, exploiting the market and improving the reputation of the institution/company.

Business development roles at all levels, from Managers to Vice Presidents, are exploring how they can grow the business's incremental revenues, expand and develop physically, and foster strategic and long-term partnerships in the process.


If we define business development as the process of researching new products and where they will fit in a new market, we can define sales management as the improvement and development of the process of successfully selling the institution's/company's product and/or service to the relevant market.


The development arm of a business will look to identify ideal customers and find out what product they want, then develop the product and make sure it suits the current market, taking care to maximize referrals from existing customers and evaluate those opinions.


In our Business Development and Sales Management consultancy services, we are here for you with all the work we do to ensure that you sell the right product to the right market and to analyze/plan growth opportunities for your institution/business in the most accurate way.

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Marketing and
Marketing Communications

Philip Kotler defined marketing in its most general and clear form as follows: "Marketing is the process by which companies determine which goods or services will attract the attention of their customers and determine strategies for improving sales, communication and business management" (Kotler et al., 2008: 5).


Marketing communication, on the other hand, is expressed as one of the marketing mix (market presentation) elements (product, price, distribution, marketing communication, personnel, physical areas, processes) explained in marketing topics, and it also has sub-elements within itself. Basically marketing communication; It would not be wrong to express it as another combination that includes advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, sponsorship, exhibitions and fairs, and digital communication (Erdoğan, 2013: 7).


This new marketing world created by technology, the Internet and new communication technologies has enabled institutions to use a new method called digital marketing to reach their target audiences. The integration of new technologies into marketing processes has enabled the emergence of a difference and change far beyond the traditional marketing approach, in terms of creating a marketing strategy that suits the customer's demands and obtaining measurable data within the supervision and control mechanism at every stage of the implementation phase of the created marketing strategy.


We are here for all your innovative understanding, strategic planning, adaptation to technology and the digital world, your marketing and marketing communication process designs, your human resources structuring, and your relations with the digital media world.


Process Design and
Project management

Just looking at its name, the concept of process design can rightly evoke different meanings in everyone's mind within the framework of the work they do and the responsibilities they take. Let's try to describe this service title within the framework of the service we want to express and believe will benefit you:

  • Process design and project management, determining all the "doing business" rules of institutions/companies from their start-up establishment stages to their inter-departmental ties even when they reach a large and complex structure, determining the flow, impact and result areas of these rules, determining all the factors that can be adapted during this flow. It is the process of planning, projecting and managing tools and technologies, including legal processes. This service, which can be approached holistically or in a more micro-plan, focusing only on one area, can also be evaluated in a specific part and/or project of your institution/company. For example, when you wish to obtain a certificate of conformity with international standards for your institution/company, the things that need to be done until the certification stage can be considered under this heading, or all analysis, planning, and planning in the process of implementing a project that your institution/company has strategically determined to take an innovative step under an established structure. phasing, predicting risks and costs, ensuring continuity and controls in accordance with the schedule, and evaluating and reporting the results can also be considered within the scope of this consultancy.


We are with you with our process design and project management team in all areas you deem necessary for your institution/company, from the establishment phase to a change and progress step in your existence.

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