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Berkin Şahin Consulting

In cooperation with experts, experienced and professionals in the national and international arena; Knowledge, experience and experience can be used in a result-oriented manner towards the goals, far-sightedness and expectations of institutions and organizations; He is a teammate who protects the common mind and common interests, and who aims to serve and bring the service to a conclusion[1].


It acts with the values[2] and beliefs of being a positive, energetic, empathetic, innovative, technological, professional and result-oriented solution partner.


Strategy, Marketing Communication, Online/Offline Advertising and Media Services, Call Center Establishment, Management and Business Activities, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Process Analysis and Productivity Management, Corporate Transformation/KuIt is ready and willing to provide all kinds of services under the headings of institutionalization, Customer Satisfaction Scoring (NPS), e-Commerce, Education and Technology.

[1] Our mission.

[2] Our values.


A. Berkin Şahin - Founder / Consultant


He was born in Ankara in 1970. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education at TED Ankara College. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Business Administration. He left the Business Administration and Company Management master's program, where he planned to continue his academic life, to join the Garanti Bank Assistant Inspector position, which he won first place in 1993, and started his professional business life.


In 30 years, in 7 different sectors (Banking, Military Electronics Industry, Journalism, PC Hardware and Electronics, Mobile Communication via Satellite, Life Insurance and Pension, Health) and in the leading companies of these sectors, Marketing, After-Sales Support, Training and Sales, Call Center. , Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Process Management, Business Analysis, Corporate Transformation, Loyalty Management, Customer Satisfaction Scoring (NPS), e-Commerce, etc. After specializing in the fields and performing middle and senior management positions, he founded BDKARE Consultancy Services in 2011.


After spending his knowledge as a consultant and project manager in the Life Insurance and Pension sector between 2011 and 2015, he worked as a Call Center | He returned to corporate life as Deputy Director of Patient Satisfaction and CRM. Subsequently, he was appointed as GMY to BTN Assistance A.Ş., a subsidiary of the same group; While performing this duty, he also undertook the establishment and management of Medical Park Home Care Eyüp Branch.

In 2020, with the Covid - 19 global epidemic, he left his corporate life at MLPCARE Health Services and returned to his consultancy life.

A. Berkin Şahin is married and the father of two daughters.

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